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Registration is a vital process that allows high school students to secure their place in the educational system. It serves as a gateway to new opportunities and sets the stage for their academic journey. During registration, students provide essential personal information, select courses, and submit required documentation. This crucial step ensures that students are officially enrolled and granted access to the school's resources and curriculum. By streamlining the registration process, 3Sixty Education aims support students to embark on their educational path with ease and confidence.

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1. Registration Form: The student will print and complete the registration form and submit it to the school’s office. The form can be submitted via hard copy or emailed to

2. Identification: The student must provide two valid pieces of government issued ID’s. Acceptable form of identification include: Driver’s License, Health Card or Passport 

3. Academic Requirements: The student must provide documentation that serves as proof of the prerequisite along with the students Ontario Education Number. Students may provide any one of the following: Ontario Student Transcript, Credit Counselling Summary, or Final Report Card.

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