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Monthly Tutoring Membership

  • Get better grades with a monthly tutoring membership.

  • Our members have access to tutors online or in-person. 

Elementary School (Kindergarten - Grade 5)

If a student finds themselves grappling with elementary school subjects, they're not alone in facing these challenges. Many young learners encounter difficulties in grasping fundamental concepts such as math, reading, and writing. Whether it's reinforcing core concepts, filling knowledge gaps, or building confidence, our tutors are dedicated to helping students succeed academically. 


Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

Middle school can be a challenging transition period for many students as they encounter more complex topics and increased academic demands. Whether your child needs assistance with homework, preparing for exams, or simply wants to improve their grades, our tutors are dedicated to providing the guidance and encouragement they need to succeed. 


High School (Grades 9 - 12)

High school is a critical time in a student's academic journey, with courses becoming increasingly advanced and college preparation looming on the horizon. Don't let academic struggles hinder your child's future. Invest in their success with our high school tutoring services today!

Price List

Session Type
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Solo Tutoring
8 Sessions /Month
$180.00 /month
$195.00 /month
$230.00 /month
4 Sessions /Month
$100.00 /month
$125.00 /month
$150.00 /month


  • High School monthly tutoring membership is only valid for language-based courses (e.g. English, Business, Law, etc.). Math and Science tutoring is one-on-one.

  • All sessions must be used within a span of 30 days; sessions cannot be carried over to the next month.

Tutoring Registration

It's a simple process. 

Ready to embark on your journey towards success? Simply fill out the form below with your tutoring requirements, and email it to Sit back and relax as we handle the rest, connecting you with our expert tutors tailored to your needs.

For any further inquiries or details, feel free to reach out to us at 647-494-4340. Let's unlock your child's full potential together!

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